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GENESIS OF SMYRNA   |  2135 COBB PARKWAY SMYRNA, GA 30080  |   (678) 621-1665
2021 G70 ACCESSORIES Create Catalog
Rear Bumper Appliqué

Helps protect the upper surface of the rear bumper from scratches, scrapes, gouges and marring during loading and unloading.

Wheel Locks

Help protect your wheels and tires from theft with our genuine wheel locks

Door Handle Pocket Appliqué

Help prevent scratches on your vehicle and protect the paint under your door handles with these door pocket films.

Mudguards - Rear

Provide styling and protection.

Hood Appliqué

Protect the smooth finish of your hood from road hazards with our clear film hood protector.

Premium First Aid Kit

Be prepared for those minor mishaps with our premium first aid kit. It contains bandages, antiseptic cream plus: eye wash, cold pack, emergency blanket and many other useful items.

Carpeted Floormats - AWD

Preserve original carpeting with custom-designed and color-matched floor mats.

Carpeted Floormats - RWD

Preserve original carpeting with custom-designed and color-matched floor mats.

All Season Fitted Liners

Maximize your floor protection with these custom molded liners.

Premium Roadside Assistance Kit

Be prepared for most travel emergencies with the Premium Roadside Assistance Kit. Contest include: flash light, booster cables, tools, thermal blanket, first aid supplies and more. Convenently contained in a strudy clamshell zippered bag for easy storage.

Sport Pedals

Add distinctive styling to your pedals with our racing-style pedal kit. Made from durable metallic material, they're designed with a non-slip pattern.

Ash/Coin Cup

The ash cup/coin holder is designed to fit in the cupholders and includes a lid to keep ashes or spare change in place.

Cargo Tray

Protect your cargo area from wear and tear with our heavy-duty plastic Cargo / Trunk Tray. Washable and easy to clean this tray will help protect your cargo area from anything placed in it.

Cargo Blocks

Keep your luggage secure in your trunk area with these easy to move cargo blocks.

Illuminated Door Scuff Plates

Enhance the appearance of your vehicle with our attractive and durable illuminated aluminum door scuff plates. They help protect your doorsills from scuffs and minor dings.

Dual USB Charger w/ Illuminated Ports

Dual 12 watt USB ports give you the fastest charging speed possilble; ideal for iPhone, iPad, Tablets and more. This car adapter allows you to charge multiple devices simultaneously with the dual 12 watt / 2.4 amp ports.

Heavy Duty Lightning USB Cable, Scosche

you can rest easy knowing you can charge and sync all of your favorite Lightning devices without harming them

Heavy Duty Type C USB Cable - Android, Scosche

• High current for fatest charging possible • Reinforced housing provides enhanced strain relief shielding against wear and tear-extending the life of your cable • Reversible connector ensures a perfect fit the first time every time • Works in all USB-C ports • Extended reach 4ft cable length • Certified USB Type-C

Heavy Duty EZ Tip USB Cable, Scosche

Reversible micro-USB car charger allows users to conveniently and easily charge & sync • High current for fatest charging possible

700 Amp Powerbank Jump Starter, Scosche

High-Capacity 15 000mAh Lithium-ion Battery w/700 Amp Peak Jump Start Vehicles up to 10 Cylinders Spark-Free 6-Point Safety Protection System Dual 5V (2.1A + 1.1A) USB Ports for Charging Mobile Devices Safety Protection against Short Circuit Reverse Connection

3-in-1 Power Bank w/ Emergency Flashlight, Scosche

Extremely diverse with its 3-in-1 capabilities. Primarily acts as a 5V car charger for your phone or tablet along with a portable battery pack and flashlight or safety strobe.

Jump Starter Flashlight w/ USB Power

• Spark-free 6-Point Safety Protection System • Jump starts engines up to 6 cyl and 3.5 liters • Powerbank for charging your mobile devices • Ultra-bright Multi-Mode LED Flashlight

Charge & Sync Cable for Apple

• Clip-On Cable with Included Carabiner • Always Have A Cable On-The-Go • Flexible USB Cable • Reversible Connector For A Perfect Fit

Charge & Sync Cable for USB-C

• Clip-On Cable with Included Carabiner • Always Have A Cable On-The-Go • Flexible USB Cable • Reversible Connector For A Perfect Fit

Charge & Sync Cable for Micro USB

• Clip-On Cable with Included Carabiner • Always Have A Cable On-The-Go • Flexible USB Cable • Reversible Connector For A Perfect Fit

Bench Seat Cover - Heather Charcoal

The Heather Bench Seat Cover brings style and substance together to protect your car’s interior. We started with a stylish, sophisticated heather fabric and then designed it to include the most popular features of our best-selling Wander Bench Seat Cover: waterproof; stain resistant; seven points of attachment; double stitched seams; raised piping; storage pockets for treats and access to seatbelts.

Hammock - Heather - Charcoal

The Heather Hammock delivers all the advantages of the original Wander Hammock (waterproof, stain-resistant), but it’s made with a stylish heathered fabric. The hammock attaches securely at eight points, protecting your seats and blocking your dog’s access to the front seat. The center zipper allows you to fold back half for a human passenger, and opening in the hammock allow full access to your vehicle’s seatbelts.

Wander Bench Seat Cover - Black

Like many bench seat covers in the market, the Wander Bench Seat Cover is both waterproof and stain resistant. But a seat cover is only as good as its ability to stay on the seat, so we built ours with top, middle, rear and under seat attachments to keep it from slipping off, double stitched seams to stop it from tearing, and raised piping to keep the dirt and water from rolling on to the floor, plus pockets for treats, toys or leashes.

Direct to Seatbelt Tether    

Simply click and go with this easy to use dog seat belt tether to prevent distracted driving. The seat belt attaches with a carabiner to your dog’s harness and then clicks into the female slot of any of your car’s seat belts. You can leave the attachment clicked in and there is no reason to undo the seat belt every time your dog gets in or out. The tether can be extended from 15”-22” to give your dog some extra movement.

Swivel Tether

Our strongest seatbelt tether, the Swivel Tether features a locking carabiner used by arborists. Fully tested, the Swivel Tether supports up to 4,500 pounds of force. The swivel action allows your dog freedom of movement, and prevents them from getting tangled up in the seatbelt

Shed Sweeper

The Shed Sweeper is a versatile must-have that helps control your dog’s hair wherever you find it. Use it with a rotating motion to loosen it from upholstery and clothing, a sweeping motion on carpeting and car seats, and for hard surfaces, simple use it like a whisk broom. Compact, lightweight, and easily cleaned with soap and water.

Collaps-a-Bowl - Blue

Our multi-award winning Collaps-a-Bowl is the perfect dog travel bowl. Just pack it, pop it, and pour it. Barely an inch thick when collapsed, it features a convenient carabiner to clip on to your backpack, your dog’s backpack, or a tiny corner of your car. It holds up to 24 fluid ounces and is dishwasher friendly as well as BPA free.

Car Door Guard - Black

Your dog’s claws and dirty paws can do some serious damage to your car doors – especially if you have a dog that loves to stand up on them. Kurgo’s Door Guards can help you protect them. Easy to install, these waterproof, stain-resistant door guards provide universal coverage and are adjustable to fit a range of vehicle sizes. They attach with simple tabs that slide between your window and door panel. Built in storage pockets provide space for toys, treats or leashes.

Zippy Bowl - Coastal Blue

This lightweight, durable, waterproof dog bowl folds in half and zips closed making it easy and convenient to tuck away in your pocket or hiking pack. It also has a carabiner so you can attach it to your pants or belt. Just unzip for an instant pet travel bowl for food or water.

Harness w/seatbelt tether

The crash tested harness that nods to comfort. The Enhanced Strength Tru-Fit Smart Harness design and all steel nesting buckle system is based on the same safety engineering for harnesses used by rock climbers and linesmen. With five adjustments points, it’s easy to get a near custom fit for any dog, regardless of size and proportions.

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